Free telephone interpreting service
for refugees from Ukraine (only for private persons!)

German - Ukrainian +49 89 954 625 83 1
Free interpreters currently: 0
German - Russian +49 89 954 625 83 2
Free interpreters currently: 2
German - English +49 89 954 625 83 3
Free interpreters currently: 5

(these are German landline numbers, no additional costs!)

How it works

The service ukraine-dolmetscher is operated by Hirn Herz Hand e.V. in cooperation with LingaTel GmbH.

All interpreters work on a voluntary basis for the Hirn Herz Hand organisation.

This service is aimed exclusively at private individuals. LingaTel also provides qualified interpreters by phone or video to offices, authorities, aid organizations, counseling centers and other initiatives that care for refugees from Ukraine. For more information about the services, click here.

People do the interpreting here, not computers!

You are an interpreter
....or have good language skills in German/English, German/Russian, German/Ukrainian and would also like to help refugees, then please contact us:

This is how it works:

1. Dial the displayed number and wait until an interpreter answers the call.

2. Either activate the loudspeaker of the phone or start a three-way conference.

German - Ukrainian +49 89 954 625 83 1

German - Russian +49 89 954 625 83 2

German - English +49 89 954 625 83 3

Our partners:

If you are an association, aid organization, citizens' initiative, company, public authority or private person
...and would like to support our project as a partner, then please contact us - we are happy to receive any help!


Does require any other personal information from me?

No, we do not require any personal data

Is my phone number secure?

As a service provider, LingaTel GmbH is certified according to ISO27001 (information security), follows the highest data protection standards, and operates without restrictions on the basis of the GDPR. The interpreters never see the caller's phone number. LingaTel will never share your call number with third parties. Please also never give out your phone number or any other personal data.

How do I use the service if all callers are in the same location?

Dial the number of ukraine-dolmetscher and wait until you are connected to one of the interpreters and then activate the loudspeaker of your phone.

Can I use the service even if not all participants of the conversation are in the same place?

Yes, for example, if one of the participants is in Germany and the other in Ukraine, the interpreter can simply be connected via a three-way conference call.

Is the service really free of charge?

Yes, the telephone interpreting service is free of charge. The only costs are those incurred by your telephone provider for the connection to a German landline number.

With what phones and from what countries can the service be reached?

The number can be reached from any landline phone and any cell phone in Germany and abroad.

What if I can't reach an interpreter?

As this is a voluntary service, we cannot guarantee that you will always be able to reach an interpreter, as the volume of calls can be very high. You can see whether interpreters are available at the moment at the top of the website.

How can I help and interpret for ukraine-interpreters myself?

Apply at the following link with the keyword ukraine-interpreter.

Is the information kept confidential by the interpreters?

All interpreters are contractually bound to confidentiality and will keep all information received during an interview confidential.

Do I also receive consulting services from the interpreters?

No, interpreters generally do not provide consulting services. Please contact the appropriate counseling center first and then consult the interpreter.

Can I use the service more often?

Yes, the service can be used by individuals as often as they wish. Only in case of obvious misuse we reserve the right to block individual phone numbers.

Is LingaTel or Hirn Herz Hand e.V. liable for the interpreting calls?

No, liability is excluded in any case.